Sustainable Performance

We help our industrial clients deliver more performance and increase their sustainability.

What challenges do we address?

Our extensive operational experience complemented with advanced digital solutions will help you:

Define your sustainability roadmap

Building a sustainability roadmap that complies with current or forthcoming regulation can be a complex task.
Yet, staying compliant is your permit to operate in a few years: customers’ expectations are raising, and those who invest well today will be in better shape as regulation and customer requirements will increase.
VELCIUS provides you with the knowledge and know-how to set an appropriate level of ambition and build the buy-in from your stakeholders: from board members to employees, from customers to suppliers, from employee representatives to city administration

Design an efficient and effective governance

We help you design the governance allowing you to monitor the execution of your sustainability roadmap while minimizing overhead. This encompasses the network of leaders across sites, the routines, the portfolio of projects, the sustainability dashboard and the enablers (eg. culture change, training)

Develop your sustainability project portfolio

Your roadmap requires:

  • Strategic decisions (eg: modifying your industrial footprint, adapting your business model, re-engineering your products)
  • Investments and long term projects (eg: implementation of photovoltaic panels, upgrade of your industrial assets)
  • Short term improvements (eg: energy consumption reduction, process optimization, better waste management, reduced material consumption)

We act as senior advisors to the CEO and the Executive Committee for your business and industrial strategy, leveraging our executive experience and industrial expertise.

Our expertise and our unique digital solution can help you enrich your short term projects with industrial best practices.This will generate faster savings, that will benefit you and the planet.

Deliver results

Only execution delivers results. Our experience in leading global transformation projects, supported by our digital solutions, will help you implement change management and operational excellence best practices.
By improving your sustainability, you allow your company to be better positioned to capture new markets, attract talents and contribute to the necessary global effort to reduce human impact on the planet

Our Process


Defining a sustainability roadmap requires the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. We support you defining your sustainability roadmap by using ISO 26000 standard, enabling you to take advantage of the reference framework for Corporate Social Responsibility.


We help you design the governance that will enable you to drive change across your organisation. We leverage our experience in driving change at scale, from small businesses to very large groups.


We help you develop a project portfolio that contains the best practices enabling you to deliver faster performance and reach a higher sustainability level.

You can leverage our unique digital tool to diagnose your maturity level and enrich your portfolio.


We work by your side to transform your project portfolio into business reality. We go where action takes place, and support your operational teams in the implementation of the necessary actions and routines for sustained performance.

Get ready for higher expectations

The entry into force of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an illustration of how fast regulation can impact businesses’ ways of working. Those who invest on more sustainability build a competitive advantage: they ensure compliance, higher people engagement, and increased customer trust.

Get Started Today

If you want to build and/or execute a sustainability roadmap, VELCIUS has the experience and the ecosystem you need:

  • A recognized Industrial expertise and a proven track record of successful  industrial transformations at scale
  • A proprietary software and digital capabilities to customize it to your needs
  • A network of partners experts in their field: CSR certified assessors, Carbon accounting, Energy optimization, sustainable procurement

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