About Us

Industrial and sustainability expertise

VELCIUS team has a proven track record leading industrial operations and driving change. This includes the lead of:

  • A multi-hundred million € business unit
  • The industrial system of Airbus commercial aircraft
  • The industrial productivity of an automotive business group of 76 plants worldwide

This executive experience gave us the capacity to be credible and relevant from the shop floor to the CEO level. Combined with a strong business excellence culture, this enables us to provide great value to our customers and accelerate their transition towards a more sustainable business model.

Our team, together with a growing network of partners, have the capacity to:

  • Help you build a CSR roadmap that encompasses today’s and tomorrow’s requirements
  • Support your executive committee on strategic decisions in the frame of forthcoming requirements (eg CSRD)
  • Train your teams and perform ISO 26000 assessments
  • Build and sustain GHG accounting (scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Help you upgrade your industrial system, integrating digital and operational excellence best practices
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Implement sustainable procurement best practices
  • Support your transition to renewable energy
  • Simplify your supply chain and reduce its carbon footprint
  • Deliver more performance thanks to business excellence best practices

Our Mission & Values

We help our industrial clients deliver sustainable performance.


We see business as a force for good. This means that contributing to society while preserving our environment should be as important as delivering financial performance. We are not there yet, but this is changing:

  • Social pressure leads shareholders and business leaders to consider their social contribution and environmental footprint.
  • Requirements on CSR are more and more demanding, from regulators and leading corporations

At VELCIUS, we help businesses become more sustainable, and therefore, invest in their future. For that, our extended team of experts uses the most appropriate standards, the best industrial practices, and a solid operational experience.



We care for People, be it our customers, colleagues or partners.


Integrity is at the core of our work. We uphold the highest ethical standards, maintain confidentiality, and act in our clients’ best interests, building trust and credibility.


Respect is the foundation of VELCIUS. We value diversity, encourage collaboration, and treat everyone with dignity, fostering an inclusive environment.


We strive for excellence. We will never be perfect, but we are constant learners, and do our best to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Get Started Today

If you want to build and/or execute a sustainability roadmap, VELCIUS has the experience and the ecosystem you need:

  • A recognized Industrial expertise and a proven track record of successful  industrial transformations at scale
  • A proprietary software and digital capabilities to customize it to your needs
  • A network of partners experts in their field: CSR certified assessors, Carbon accounting, Energy optimization, sustainable procurement

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