ESG Assessment

We deliver a comprehensive Environmental, Social & Governance assessment based on ISO 26000 framework. 

If you haven’t formalized your ESG policy yet, this is a good place to start. We will provide you with your strengths and improvement opportunities on:


Organizational governance


Human rights


Labour practices


The environment


Fair operating practices


Consumer issues

Sustainability Roadmap

Whether it need a refresh or be your first, we help you (re)shape your sustainability roadmap to continuously improve on topics that matter to you and your stakeholders (double materiality).

We identify with you your relevant stakeholders, interview them and provide you with a 360° survey. This is the input of the materiality matrix we will refine with your company’s leadership team.

We then help you design a roadmap consistent with your decided priorities.

Sustainability Portfolio

We help you identify the most critical projects to deliver your sustainability roadmap. 

Because we, too, have lead industrial companies, we know how hard it is to allocate enough resources to deliver an ambitious sustainability plan. We help you size the most significant projects, but also identify self funded ones (eg energy consumption reduction) and those that are mostly driven by cultural change.


Our expertise in change management and industrial performance helps you deliver your sustainability project faster, and fully embed sustainability in your company culture.

Digital Services

Our unique assessment tool allows you to assess against industrial best practices, and drive your progress over time. You can consolidate the view at operations or company level.

Our development capabilities enable us to customize our solution and develop new ones in relation with sustainable performance.

Get Started Today

If you want to build and/or execute a sustainability roadmap, VELCIUS has the experience and the ecosystem you need:

  • A recognized Industrial expertise and a proven track record of successful  industrial transformations at scale
  • A proprietary software and digital capabilities to customize it to your needs
  • A network of partners experts in their field: CSR certified assessors, Carbon accounting, Energy optimization, sustainable procurement

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